Mengyin in the south of Yiyuan County is the hinterland of Yimeng Mountains. It has the only Daigu geomorphic group in the world. There are two Daigou in the north and south of Poli Town (now Daigou Town) 8 kilometers northwest. The distance between them is about 1.5 kilometers. There is a ridge in the middle. The elevation of Nandaigou is 70m, and that of Beidaigou is 67m. Both Daigou rose from the ground several feet from the ground, surrounded by cliffs as steep as a knife, easy to defend and difficult to attack, which is an ideal place for sniping and fighting the enemy. There were two defensive battles for Dai Gu, and two heroes were born here.
The first Dai Gu Lian was the Eight Company of the Eleventh Regiment of the Shandong Military Region during the War of Resistance Against Japan, which belonged to the Shandong Military Region. It is now a Six Company of the Jinan Military Region.

On November 9, 1943, the Japanese aggressors gathered more than 10,000 people to carry out a mad sweep of the anti-Japanese base areas in central Shandong. In order to smash the Japanese army's mopping-up plot, the Central Shandong Military Region decided to leave a small number of troops to fight on the interior line, restrain the enemy, transfer the main forces to the exterior line and kill the enemy with cameras. In order to embedding, attract the main force of the enemy and delay the enemy's military operations, 93 warriors from three battalions and eight companies of the 11th Regiment of the Second Army of the Central Shandong Military Region were ordered to stationed in Daiwan, North and South China. On the 13th, the Japanese puppet army began to launch a fierce attack on Dai Gong. I pointed out that the eight Company soldiers bravely met the enemy and defeated the first attack of the Japanese puppet army. The arrogant devil would not stop at the loss. Since the 17th, the enemy has mobilized a large number of troops, concentrated aircraft and artillery to bomb Daiwan in turn, and then launched a fierce ground attack. After several days of fierce fighting between the two sides, the ghost was always blocked by eight company fighters under the cliff. The enraged enemy deployed more than 2,000 troops to encircle and bombard Daiwan from the north and the south. Gu Shang pointed to the soldiers'stubborn counterattack. When they ran out of grenades and bullets, they threw stones at them. In this way, with the courage of vowing to coexist with the position, the Eight-Lian-Zhi soldiers persevered in Dai-Gong for 18 days, and at a small cost of wounding seven and sacrificing two, they achieved a great victory in dragging more than 2000 enemies and killing more than 300 enemies. After the war, the heroic and tenacious Eighth Company was awarded the honorary title of Dai Gulian by the Eighth Route Army Shandong Military Region.
The second Dai Gu Lian is a guardianship battalion company of the Central Shandong Military Region during the War of Liberation. It is now a company of a certain Jinan Military Region.

In mid-May 1947, after the KMT's trump 74 division was wiped out by our army in the battle of Meng Lianggu, Chiang Kai-shek was unwilling to fail and assembled a large number of troops to attack our Yimeng Mountains. In order to annihilate the enemy's effective strength, our field army carried out both blockade and strategic transfer. The commander of the Military Region ordered our guardianship battalion in the Central Shandong Military Region to stick to Dai Gu's position, restrain the enemy and guard the large amount of ammunition stored on the battlefield, and inspire the fighting spirit of the people in Yimeng Mountainous Area. Under the leadership of battalion commander Hu Fengjian, company commander Pang Hongjiang and instructor Chen Laixi, and in accordance with the commander's instructions, they persisted on the three main peaks of Nan, Beidai and Lu Gong for 42 days. After arduous fighting, they annihilated a large number of enemies and fulfilled the tasks assigned to them by the commander of the military region. After the war, it was named the second Dai Gulian by the military region.

Zhang Zibiao, former vice chairman of Yiyuan CPPCC, participated in the defense battle. In the early autumn of 1947, the superiors ordered Zhang Zibiao to be in good health in his three companies, and comrades with combat experience went to replace a company of elder brothers for rest. At that time, Sanlian was stationed in the area of Venus in Yiyuan County. There were 12 people and 3 Party members. Comrade Zhao Dehui was the commander. Zhang Zibiao was the leader of the Party team. He carried a light machine gun and 10 rifles. On departure, people from Venus and other places gave condolences and warm greetings. Zhao and Zhang led the team to Nandai Gu. Nandai Gu looks like a giant standing on the earth, while Lu Gu and Beidai Gu are like two powerful arms stretched out flat. The Gushan Mountain is a steep cliff with a height of more than 10 feet. Up and down the mountain, there is no other way but to send it down by rope from the "flyover" built by a big brother with wooden sticks in the southeastern corner. The task of Zhao and Zhang is to defend their positions, attack the enemy's attacks, and defend a large number of hand grenades, artillery shells, grain and other military supplies on their posts. After their arrival, they held their first party group meeting. According to the requirements of the leaders of battalions and companies, Party members took the lead in making ideological preparations to overcome various difficulties and set a company as an example to accomplish their tasks. At first, the comrades felt that life was fresh on the top of the hill. They were in high spirits and stood on guard day and night. We cooked together, only boiled beans, no vegetables. When Comrade Du Jibao, who was in charge of life, found that there were broomsticks and gray vegetables on his stomach, he picked them to fry and steamed big steamed buns. Everyone was very satisfied. Comrade Xu Zhaoru also compiled a small allegorical board to praise him.

Du Jibao, really good. Can invent, can create. If you have difficulties, you can't be frightened. Life has greatly improved, and comrades are well fed. Don't laugh, everyone. Du Jibao deserves the credit.

For more than a month, there was basically no good day, either fog or rain, the weather was gloomy. In bunkers, trenches are full of water. At the beginning, comrades also sprinkled water with teapots, helmets and rice bowls, but the more rain fell, there was no place to sleep, so they had to stand in the water and sleep on rocks for a while. Some comrades suffered from malaria because they could not eat well and sleep well. At first, sick comrades did not go to work at night. Later, most comrades became ill and were not able to take care of them. Comrades had to endure the pain and hunger, clench their teeth and stick to the top of their mouths.

The weather is getting colder and colder. They are all wearing single clothes. The clothes come and go in the mud. The clothes are stiffened by rain and mud. Life is getting harder and harder, and there are enemies in Xintai, Mengyin and other places. Sometimes the enemy harassed and looted Guozhuang and Fanjinyu around Nandaiguan. The soldiers fired warning shots to let them know that there were still our men on the top. One day, Zhang Xianglong, the manager of the battalion, brought several comrades from Venus in Yiyuan County with cotton-padded clothes and overcoats. On behalf of the head of the battalion, he also made a request. The cotton-padded clothes delivered by the brothers captured the enemy. In order to take care of the soldiers in Gushang, each of them issued one piece. They had to hand it in after they went down the mountain. After Zhang Xiangrong and others left, we held another meeting of the Party's group, asking comrades to overcome difficulties and persevere. Soon after, they were ordered by their superiors to return to their original units for new assignments and hand over their supplies to the local authorities. Cao instructor of Jinxing District of Yiyuan County led more than 10 members of the martial arts team to come to visit, and accomplished the receiving task meticulously and smoothly. Zhao, Zhang and other 12 people held on to Guding for 82 days. During this period, although there were no fierce fighting scenes, there were no earth-shaking heroic deeds. But the soldiers all have a red heart to fight for the cause of revolution and people's liberation, and they have spent 82 hard and extraordinary days and nights.
After the battle, the garrison troops won the honorary title of brave and tenacious Dai Gulian, leaving a glorious page in our military history. Since then, the company's officers and soldiers have won new victories in the fierce battles of Fangshan, Mengyin and Laiwu. Since May 1949, the company has served as a guard in the front line of the Huaihai Campaign, Shanghai and Jinan. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the company officers and soldiers inherited the fine tradition, built a solid ideological line of defense, and were repeatedly praised as a pacesetter company.

(According to Comrade Zhang Zibiao, Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Yiyuan County, recalled, Tan Lizhong sorted out)



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